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Why shall I get tested ?

Genetic testing is beneficial whether the test identifies a mutation or not. In case a mutation is identified then these results may help doctors make recommendations for treatment or monitoring, and give people more information for making decisions about their and their family's health, allowing them to take steps to lower his/her chance of developing a disease. For example, if a mutation predisposing someone to cancer is identified, then the healthcare provider can work with the individual to be screened earlier and more frequently for the disease and/or could make changes to health habits like diet and exercise.

Our genetic tests come with add-ons of genetic counseling, dietitian counseling as well as physician consultation to provide you complete information about your mutation along with developing plans to modify your lifestyle in accordance with the identified risk.

In case the test does not uncover a mutation then the test results serve as a relief, eliminating some of the uncertainty surrounding your health. For example, if there has been an incidence of a certain cancer in your family, then you are fearful of whether you may carry that particular mutation. In such cases, our test can eliminate the uncertainty that you are facing in relation to your health.

Why ethnicity based genetic testing?

Different ethnicities have variable risks for getting different diseases and several genetic mutations that increase disease risk are specific for certain ethnicities. As such one disease risk assessment kit cannot work for everyone. We at Anantlife have uniquely developed our genetic testing kits to target specific ethnicities by looking at diseases prevalent within certain communities and devising gene panels to specifically evaluate disease risk within that particular community.

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What is a genetic test?

DNA is the building block of life and genetic testing is designed to look at your DNA and identify changes in your chromosomes, genes, or proteins that impacts your health and well-being. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder and even evaluate the risk of developing hereditary cancers, brain disorders and autoimmune diseases. We have ethnicity specific genetic testing kits along with kits targeting cancer, brain disorders, autoimmunity and dietary issues.

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How does Anantlife test works?
Our 5 Step Process
Order our kit online

Purchase our kit online and we will ship it to your home.

Activate your kit online

Once you receive the kit, go to our website and click on “Activate your kit”. Enter the bar code and follow the directions to get your kit activated and set up your online portal.

3Provide saliva sample

Provide saliva into the kit following directions and ship it back to us using the envelope provided. Shipping is already prepaid.

DNA analysis

Anantlife analyzes your DNA and updates you via your personal online portal.

See your results

Once your DNA is analyzed, you will receive an email to indicate analysis is done. You can login into your portal and look at your results.

Speak with an Expert
Speak with a genetic counselor

Once you look at the results, in the portal, you will have an option to speak with one of our board certified genetic counselors.

Speak with a registered dietitian

Once you look at the results, in the portal, you will have an option to speak with one of our registered dietitians

Speak with a medical doctor

Once you look at the results, in the portal, you have an option to speak with one of our qualified physicians.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 18+ age is eligible to purchase and use our kit under informal consent of Anantlife’s term and conditions.

Does my insurance cover my test?

At present, we are working with insurance providers to help cover the service for our clients. We will inform our clients and partners once our test is covered by insurance.

Why shall I get genetic counseling services?

Genetic counseling is the process by which the patients or relatives at risk of a disease are advised of the consequences and nature of the disease, the probability of developing or transmitting it, and the options open to them in management and family planning. The presence of a certain genetic mutation does not necessarily indicate that you will get the disease but may nevertheless drastically increase your chances of developing that disease. Our genetic consultant services are provided by board certified Genetic counselors. These are healthcare professionals who look at your results and then provide you with a complete assessment of the risk along with subsequent steps for better management and planning.

Why shall I get dietitian services?

Certain mutations may increase the risk of developing diseases. Nevertheless, the progression from having a mutation to developing a disease is dependent on several factors, with diet and lifestyle being an important confounding factor. Our dietitian services are provided by registered dietitians from North America, to help you reach your goals in relation to your genetic profile uncovered by our tests.

Why shall I get physician services?

In addition to genetic counselor and dietitian services, we also provide our clients with an opportunity to speak with consultant physicians from the convenience of your home without traveling and without the wait in the clinic. These medical professionals have already reviewed the results of your genetic test and will provide you with information to help you make better informed decision to maintain your health and reduce your and your family’s risk of developing the particular disease.