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Anantlife is proud to offer the most extensive and comprehensive neurotransmitter genetic test, designed to look at your genetics pertaining to all of the major neurotransmitter pathways.The neurotransmitter pathways play an essential role in human behavior and more importantly an essential role in determining predisposition to psychiatric disorders along with aggression and addiction. Furthermore, genetic signatures associated with neurotransmitter pathways have also been associated with risk of autism.

Our neurogenetic panel is designed to cover the following major neurotransmitter pathways and the genes include not only receptors but also genes that are involved in degradation and synthesis of major neurotransmitters:

Dopamine Pathway

Serotonin Pathway

Adrenergic Pathway

GABA Pathway

Acetylcholine Pathway

Glutamate Pathway

We carry out genetic analysis for the major genes involved in all of the above pathways to identify if there is an increase or a decrease within any of the above pathways and at the same time the specific mutations corresponding to the impact in also identified.

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