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Anantlife Canada Inc. Health and Wellness

Anantlife Canada is offering the most comprehensive, saliva based health and wellness genetic test at the most affordable price. The test looks at an excess of 100 genes and covers the following aspects of your genetic makeup:

The test looks at your genetic risk for deficiency of over a dozen vitamins and minerals. At the same time, the test provides a complete assessment of your dietary needs, identifying your risk for lactose intolerance, gluten tolerance along with how your body reacts to coffee, sodium, protein, fats, whole grains etc to identify which diet is best for your health as well as which diet is likely to assist you in your weightloss goals. Furthermore, also provided is a complete exercise physiology assessment to identify your genetic exercise potential as well as which kinds of exercises are better suited based on your genetic makeup. Also included, is your genetic risk of developing alcohol dependence.

The test also provides a complete assessment of your risk of developing diabetes, high triglycerides as well as high cholesterol levels. Moreover, complete genetic assessment of the entire detoxification pathways is also carried out to identify your detoxification enzymes activity which indirectly impacts your risk for developing many diseases. Also included is a pharmacogenetic assessment to identify which medications are likely to give you adverse reactions and which medications you should avoid. To top of the list of above parameters, the test also provides a genetic assessment of how your body metabolizes estrogen (if you are female) as impaired estrogen metabolism increases the risk for breast and ovarian cancer. However, if you are a male, the test looks at the genetic risk of developing testosterone deficiency.

The test is currently being offered by the top clinics both in the US and Canada and is the most affordable and comprehensive in the category.

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