Certification Program in Genetics

Anantlife has partnered with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN), a premier Nutrition Institute with campuses all throughout Canada to offer Certification to Nutritionists to become a Certified Genetic Practitioner with Anantlife.

The program is a 24 hour module to provide the tools that nutritionists can use to deliver personalized healthcare to their clients,catered to their genetic makeup. Genetics plays a very robust role in nutrition, detoxification, weight loss and overall health and wellness. Furthermore, genetics can be used not only to improve the health of the clients but also to develop DNA based nutritional plans that can potentially prevent the development of chronic diseases. Participants will gain knowledge on how genetic information can be used to deliver nutritional plans, weight loss strategies, detoxification plans and hormonal balance plans along with nutritional plans to prevent development of chronic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The course will be divided into eight modules, beginning with introduction to human genetics and subsequently covering genetics of nutritional deficiencies, fitness, food intolerances, eating behaviour, weight loss, detoxification pathways, hormone metabolism, epigenetics, chronic metabolic disorders, endocannabinoid genetics, skin genetics and genetics of neurotransmitter pathways.

The modules will highlight implications of genetic testing that apply specifically to nutritional practitioners and provide information on common scenarios to prepare them to effectively incorporate genetic testing into practice. Successful completion of the course implies that the candidates have received the education and training to not only understand genetic concepts pertaining to diet, nutrition, detoxification, fitness, hormonal health and metabolic disorders but have also been trained on interpretation of the genetic testing reports along with development of a DNA based health plan for better health outcomes.